Affiliate Policy

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

To become an affiliate partner of our company, you first need to sign up for the program. After having an affiliate account, you can choose the products you wish to promote on any internet platform. To do that, you need to select the product and generate an automated URL, which will be unique for you only. Be sure to bring visitors to our website with your unique URL to ensure the commission percentage on each sale promised to you by us.

What Is Our Commission Rate?

We are offering a 10% commission rate on all of our categories.

How Long Do We Keep Your Cookies?

We keep your cookies for seven days. That means if you can manage to drive a customer to our website, then any purchases they make within the first seven days of the initial arrival on our website will carry the commission percentage irrespective of the product that you intended to promote.

When Do We Pay Our Affiliate Partners?

We pay our affiliate partners on the first week of every month. However, to withdraw your affiliate commission earnings, the minimum balance required is USD 50.

How Do We Pay Our Affiliate Partners?

We usually pay our affiliate partners via PayPal. However, if the partner wishes to receive the payment by any other means, they need to contact us.

Bonus Gift

If you can reach a milestone of total affiliate commission earning of USD 1000, we will reward you with USD 100. Similarly, for every thousand earnings milestone you reach, there will be a reward of 10% of the total earnings amount.

Why Work With Us?

We offer a very decent commission rate compared to other businesses in the same industry. In addition, unlike other companies that reduce the commission rate based on categories with lower prices, we are sticking to a fixed rate. Besides, many of our products can even help you earn commissions of more than USD 50. So, if you can sell ten products (which is quite normal), you can easily earn USD 500 in no time. Again, we do extensive market research to identify our customer’s needs and wants. Hence, the process of selling gets a lot easier on your end.


Lemato Home has the right to change its affiliate policy in any circumstances. However, we will notify our affiliate partners about any changes in the policy via email.